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Social Beings is a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for embracing life's fullness. Social Beings unites people from diverse backgrounds who share a commitment to nurturing our bodies and uplifting each other toward lives of greater vitality and fulfillment. Through movement, events and creative workshops, Social Beings creates a welcoming space where everyone's presence matters. Together, we prove that the path to a healthy life is not solitary; it's a journey best traveled hand in hand, celebrating every step of our collective wellbeing. 

Jennifer Hernandez


Jennifer's journey seamlessly blends her artistic background and unwavering commitment to well-being. After earning her BFA in 2013, she found herself in Melbourne, where she discovered yoga's life-changing effects. This led her to become a certified yoga instructor, drawn to the creative outlet it provided, much like her painting. Growing up in a family marked by addiction, wellness held immense importance for her, with painting serving as meditation and expression. Yoga resonated deeply due to its transformative qualities and storytelling aspect, enabling her to guide others through monthly intentions. Jennifer's journey extended to certifications in barre and personal training, but yoga remains her foundation, as she strives to inspire resilience and a fulfilling life through daily creativity and movement, nurturing both body and spirit.

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